Saturday, June 23, 2012

How to Make Yarn Pom Poms ~ fun for all ages!

an example of cutting your pom pom! 

All you need is card board (I use a cereal box!), scissors , and yarn of any kind!!

Children and adult of all ages can do this project. For younger children have an adult do the cutting!

Pom poms are used in many ways for many fun project and are not just for crocheters and Knitters! I will have a post coming up on how to make Monster friends and Princess friends out of them. They are also fun to make and toss up and down! They are so light there isn't a need to worry about breaking things! Add them to shoes, flip flops, hair clips for a fun way to accessorize!

I traced a glass to get the circle, Using a favorite cereal box can get less than eager children excited about crafts or make it more fun for ones that already love to craft! 

There will be shrinkage so you will want to cut out the circle bigger than what you want your Pom pom to be.

Cut out 2 circles
They don't have to be perfect so feel free to let most 4 year olds and up ( with supervision) try to cut a circle out
next drawl a smaller circle ( again doesn't have to be perfect) and a v like shape

cut out both circles like this and you are ready to start!
Now you are done with your homemade pom pom maker!!! You can also purchase these at many crafts stores, But I think they are fun and easy to make!! However if you need to make alot of these before hand and want to save time there is less trimming involved with a store bought pom pom maker!

Now grab your yarn! Feel free to hold two or more stands of yarn at once when you wrap for a cool effect. I will show you with one multi color strand.

Place a small strand of yarn inside the two circles like this

tip* tape the outside perimeter of your circle if small children have trouble.

Now hold the two cardboard pieces together so the yarn doesn't slip out. Take the yarn from your ball or skein and begin to wrap your circles.  I always start in the middle work my away to each side and back again so every spot was wrapped at least 2 twice. For a fuller one wrap 4 or 5 times.

Start wrapping
this is wrapped 4 times

Next we will cut the yarn placing the scissors between the two cardboard pieces like the pictures below

Now you need to tie a knot tightly with your two strings and remove the pom from the cardboard

trim to a nice round shape if desire or you can brush it with a fine tooth comb for a fuzzy look!!!

I made a fun ring out of mine! What will you do? Comment below!

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  1. nice to see this craft still going as there are so many things you can do with this