Thursday, July 19, 2012

Finger Crochet - great for boys and girls!

My five year old likes to make "web slingers" for when he plays spider man, white ones are normal, black ones are Venom, and rainbow ones are invinsible! scroll down for other great ideas

Hey Parents!!! Want to teach you child to crochet but don't know where to start? Is your little one getting into your yarn and trying to "help" you with your project? Try showing them to finger crochet!!
Don't know how? Don't worry!!! Here is a PHOTO how to guide.

Wrap the yarn around your 2 fingers and make an X the yarn end NOT attached the yarn ball should be on top

Pull the yarn up but don't let the tail come all the way up

Pull tight, and you have made a slip knot! There are many ways to make one so if you know another way feel free to do it! For children 6 and under you make want to make the slip knot for them and place it on their index finger.

place it ( not to tight) where the 3rd knuckle is

Take tha yarn attached to the ball and wrap it over your finger from the back to the front

Pull the loop from your slip knot over the loop you just put on  you finger and Now you have your first chain

pull the yarn over your finger and again pull the loop (to the right in the picture) over and repeat

This is a chain down by a five year old, eventually  all the chains should be the same size. Offer LOTS of praise as trying something new can be stressful. Take break breaks and have fun
I've taught children as young as 3 to do this, this really is something everyone can do!!

* other great uses for the chains, ( children should never be left alone as with any string or rope like object because they could hurt themselves!)
Glue them on paper and make designs with them
tie to or three together for a cute belt
headbands, necklaces, and bracelets
Christmas garland
use it for practice and then move onto single crochet, hdc, and dc,

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